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Children’s and Teens Corner

Welcome to our extended range of Bible and Children story books. These bibles are full of amazing stories about people who did great things for God – some were incredibly brave and strong like Samson, others were quiet and gentle, like Daniel and Ruth.  The one thing they had in common was that they loved the Lord with all their heart and dared to do big things for Him.

These exciting devotional books will take kids and teens on a journey through the stories of heroes who had all kinds of adventures. The indexes of these books will direct the children toward specific needs and themes of specific Chapters, all with different Life Lessons to be learnt and remembered.


Our study bibles range from Editors like Lee Strobel {The Case for Christ}, to NIV and NLT: {Life Application Study Bible}, Youth Quest and Teen study bible.

We also stock the following:

  • H. Peterson {The Message} is one of our Favourites.
  • KJV {Reference Edition, Holy Bible}
  • NKJV {Spiritual Warfare Bible}
  • Holmans {The Apologetics Study Bible}
  • Jack W. Hayford {New Spirit Filled Life Bible} which have sold over 2 million copies so far.
  • MEV {Modern English Version}
  • Joyce Meyer {Everyday Life Bible}


Spiritual & Devotional Readings

Sometimes, we dream of living more rewarding Lives, BUT where do we start?  This is always the biggest question most of us have, when we encounter the Spirit of Christ moving within us. Where to next?  Our Bucket list is of an extended nature, so there are many aspects to consider. The answer lies in a simple yet profound message.  We must change the way WE THINK.  Our approach must be positive, to take us on a Journey for a brighter future in our marriage, family lives, careers and the upliftment of our fellow peers. This is all about TEAM work. (Together, Each, Achieves, More)


Some examples include the following books:

  • Joyce Meyer: The Mind Connecting/God is not mad at you/Overload/Living Courageously/Power Thoughts/The Power of Forgiveness/Wake up to the word
  • Timothy Keller: The Reason for God/Making Sense of God/My Rock, My Refuge/Galatians for You/Encounters With Jesus/Walking with God/King’s Cross
  • Rick Warren: Purpose Driven Life/ Purpose Driven Church/God Answers to Life’s Difficult Questions/ God’s Power to Change your Life/
  • Jeremiah: Agents of Babylon/Life wide Open
  • Beth Moore: Believing God
  • RT Kendal: The Sensitivity of the Spirit
  • David Greenley: One Cross, One Way, Many Journeys
  • Billy Graham: The Holy Spirit/The Leadership Secrets/Nearing Home
  • Henry Blackaby: Spiritual Leadership
  • Max Lucado: Facing your Giants
  • Joseph Prince: Unmerited Favour
  • Bill Hybels: Becoming a Contagious Christian
  • John C Maxwell: Be a People Person
  • Steven Furtick: Sun Stand Still
  • Dr David Jeremiah: Is this the End?
  • Bill Johnson: God is Good



When Life takes its toll on our Life, if feels that our emotions and thoughts are going around and around like clothes in a washing machine. Have you experienced that feeling before? When you lose your Focus and try to control everything, but nothing seems to go in the right direction.  The input doesn’t equal the output.  More and more demands deprives us of our Health and Sleeping habits. The next day, you wake-up still busy spinning from the day before.

Don’t despair there is HOPE.   Hope is important to human Life. Hope energizes people and transforms communities.  This is when Praying becomes essential.  When you Pray, your thought process becomes still, calm and receptive, so that you can re-group your thoughts and emotions. WELCOME to the Power of Prayer, the Only way forward.

  • Bill Hybels: Making life Work/Too busy not to pray
  • Mike Bickle: Growing in Prayer
  • Stormie Omartian: The Prayer that changes everything/Prayers of Emotional Wholeness
  • Jilian Hardyman: Glory Days
  • Graham Beynon: God’s New Community
  • Jeanne Guyon: Experience God through Prayer
  • John C. Maxwell: Be all you can be
  • Karen Kingsbury: Divine
  • Piper: Seeing and savouring Jesus Christ
  • Alister McGrath: Doubt in Perspective


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