Our Coffee

Our Botanica Organic Fairtrade Coffee is roasted and packed in NSW, Australia. It is comprised of a combination of four certified organic coffee bean types, grown in areas of Colombia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia and New Guinea. The thinner atmosphere from the high altitudes ensure a complex and elegant taste where the quality of the beans really set them apart from the rest.

Roasting Profile:

The Botanica beans are lightly roasted in small batches, ensuring that each batch reaches the perfect stage in the roasting process.


Since Botanica is lightly roasted, it still retains many of its wonderful aromatic qualities. The blend is dominated by smells of sweet floral notes and with hints of nutmeg and oak.

Tasting Notes:

Botanica is one of the most complexly flavoured Organic and Fairtrade* coffees on the market today, making it very sought after. Botanica provides a depth of body that single origin blends lack. It has characteristics of sweet floral notes with hints of earthy nutmeg tones, and a great mouthfeel that would please even the pickiest palate.

(*Fairtrade Certified: This ensures that fair trading conditions and opportunities are provided for producers in developing countries to guarantee a sustainable future.)